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Hattiesburg Home Selling: 7 Must-Try Negotiation Tactics

Beth Scharwath
Feb 5 1 minutes read

Introduction to Strategic Home Selling

Selling your home in Hattiesburg, MS, isn't just about listing it; it’s about mastering the art of negotiation to ensure you secure the finest terms and prices the Pine Belt market will support. Here, we discuss seven potent tactics specifically tailored to Hattiesburg's market conditions that will assist in realizing the full potential of your property's sale.

1. Setting the Right Price in Hattiesburg's Market

The cornerstone of negotiation is undoubtedly a well-considered listing price. In Hattiesburg, where the market caters to a diverse range of buyers, from students and professors associated with the University of Southern Mississippi to military personnel stationed at Camp Shelby, the key is to assess comparable sales in your particular neighborhood—whether it's the historic Oaks district or a family-friendly area like Oak Grove. Ensure your price reflects local desirability, recent upgrades, and community amenities while remaining competitive to attract genuine interest.

2. Igniting a Bidding War in The Hub City

To create a competitive atmosphere for your Hattiesburg home, consider pricing it slightly below market value to ignite a bidding war. Hattiesburg's active market, influenced by university and healthcare employment, lends itself to this approach when fair pricing and high demand intersect. By fostering a scenario where multiple offers are common, especially during peak relocation times, you can achieve a price above what one might initially expect.
Ask your real estate agent—preferably one with hyper-local experience in the Hattiesburg area—if this tactic aligns with your home's location, condition, and current market trends.

3. Highlighting Your Hattiesburg Home's Unique Qualities

In negotiations, the unique features of your Hattiesburg property can be your trump card. An intimate historic cottage, a spacious midtown family residence, or proximity to Longleaf Trace can be a tipping point for buyers. Emphasize these unique elements to elevate your home above the competition. In Hattiesburg, the charm of a property, coupled with the lifestyle offered, often justifies a higher price.

4. Be the Local Market Expert

Empower yourself with local market data to strengthen your negotiation strategy. Being well-informed about recent sales in neighborhoods such as Canebrake or Bellegrass, or the growth trends around Presbyterian Christian School, showcases your knowledge and preparedness. Offering full transparency can elevate trust levels and streamline the negotiation process, ultimately benefiting all parties involved.

5. Urgency in the Hub City Real Estate

To spur quick action from buyers, encapsulate a sense of urgency with tactics like announcing an offer deadline or an upcoming open house. In Hattiesburg, where attractive properties can swiftly come and go, especially those near key amenities like Forrest General Hospital or the university, this sense of urgency can create a strong incentive for decisive offers.

6. Flexibility with Closing/Move-In Dates

Prospective buyers in Hattiesburg often have transition timelines to adhere to – whether it's the start of an academic term or military orders. Offering flexibility in terms of closing and move-in dates can sway the decision in your favor. Whether your buyer is a family aiming to settle before the new school year or a professional new to the area, accommodating their schedule could be the critical factor in a successful negotiation.

7. The Importance of Experienced Representation

The significance of hiring a professional real estate agent with Hattiesburg-specific expertise can’t be overstressed. The nuances of the Hattiesburg market require an agent who knows neighborhood trends, understands local buyer profiles, and has honed negotiation skills. Your agent should act as a champion for your home's value and guide you through the complexity of offers and counteroffers inherent in real estate negotiations.


Effective negotiation is essential to maximizing the return from your Hattiesburg home sale. Integrating these seven approaches, honed for our distinct local market, will position you to draw in better offers and finalize with terms that meet or surpass your expectations. If you're gearing up to sell in Hattiesburg, embedding these effective negotiation techniques could be the defining element in a rewarding sale experience.

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