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Is it a Good Idea to List Your Hattiesburg Home Before the Holidays?

Beth Scharwath
Nov 8 4 minutes read

The holiday season is right around the corner, and many Hattiesburg homeowners are wrestling with the question of whether to list their homes for sale before the holidays. Anticipating the holiday rush, some may hesitate to brave the Hattiesburg real estate market. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits and potential drawbacks of listing your Hattiesburg home before the holidays, equipping you with the information you need to make the best decision for your unique situation.

Pro: Less Competition

The Hattiesburg market often cools down somewhat over the winter holidays. Many potential sellers choose to hold off until after the holiday rush, fearing that potential buyers are too distracted with holiday plans. But for those who take the leap and list now, their property could shine even brighter in a slightly less crowded Hattiesburg market, potentially speeding up the sale and boosting the final selling price.

Pro: Committed Buyers

Hattiesburg home buyers house hunting during holiday season typically mean business. This time of year is busy and can be stressful—anyone braving the market now likely has a pressing need to buy. Maybe they're relocating for a job at one of Hattiesburg's major employers, like the University of Southern Mississippi, or the local healthcare institutions. This urgency can translate into a more streamlined sales process with a motivated, prepared buyer.

Pro: The Hattiesburg Holiday Charm

The holiday season can help your Hattiesburg home appear even more inviting. A warm, festively decorated home can truly help buyers picture their own future holiday celebrations in your cozy Hattiesburg space. Employing a little Southern hospitality, offering local treats like Mississippi mud pie during showings can create a memorable experience that helps nudge buyers toward a quick purchase.

Con: Holidays Scheduling Hurdles

On the downside, the holidays can make scheduling showings challenging. With people traveling or hosting out-of-town guests, coordinating convenient times for potential buyers to view your Hattiesburg home can be trickier. This may result in a slower sale pace and reduced interest.

Con: Potential Winter Weather

Though Hattiesburg winters tend to be milder than many regions, we do experience sporadic cold snaps and unpredictable weather. When the mercury falls, some potential buyers are a little less inclined to venture out to home viewings.

Con: Closing Delays

Holiday festivities can sometimes slow down the closing process, as banks, title companies, and other parties involved in the transaction may operate shorter hours or have staff on vacation. If a swift sale is your goal, bear in mind this potential holiday slowdown.

The decision to list your Hattiesburg home before the holidays is a distinctly personal choice, dependent on your own situation and objectives. There are potential benefits to selling during this festive season, but equally, there are challenges to consider. We advise weighing the pros and cons, discussing with a local expert (like yours truly!), and then making an informed decision about holiday home selling.

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