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Hattiesburg Homes: Tips for Brighter, Sunlit Spaces

Beth Scharwath
Mar 25 1 minutes read

Increasing the amount of sunlight in your Hattiesburg, MS home not only makes your space feel more spacious and welcoming, it can also elevate your mood and energy levels. Whether you're prepping your home for the market or simply seeking to enhance your living experience, we've compiled a range of strategies targeted at maximizing natural light. From straightforward adjustments to thoughtful home improvements, learn how you can fill your rooms with sunlight, specific to our local Hattiesburg, MS climate and architecture.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Amplifying natural light in your Hattiesburg home can be as simple as strategically placing mirrors. Positioning mirrors across from windows can effectively double the sunlight streaming into a room. Not only do mirrors reflect light, but they also capture the view outside, adding dimension to your interior. This is particularly effective in homes close to Hattiesburg's scenic landscapes, magnifying both light and beautiful green vistas.

Clean Those Windows

It's a basic step, but ensuring your windows are clean is essential for maximum sunlight. In a city like Hattiesburg, where pollen and dust can accumulate quickly, regular window cleaning, both inside and outside, becomes even more critical. Removing these layers of dirt will enhance the clarity and amount of light entering your home, showcasing our often sunny, blue Mississippi skies.

Trim the Hedges

Your home's exterior landscaping can significantly impact the natural light inside. In Hattiesburg, where lush foliage and mature trees are common, maintaining your garden can make a big difference. Trimming overgrown trees and shrubs ensures they don't overshadow your windows, allowing your home to bask in Mississippi's natural daylight.

Choose Light, Reflective Colors

When selecting interior paint colors, opting for light, reflective hues can significantly brighten your space. Soft whites, creams, and pastels are not only trendy in Hattiesburg's historic and new construction homes but also enhance the airy feel and reflect light more efficiently than darker colors. A fresh coat of paint could be all it takes to illuminate your interiors further.

Install Larger Windows or Skylights

For those considering a more extensive upgrade, enlarging your windows or installing skylights can be especially effective in Hattiesburg's climate. Expanding windows or adding skylights takes advantage of the ample sunlight we receive in Mississippi, filling your home with dazzling light. Although this option involves a more significant investment, the payoff in natural light and views can be remarkable.

Use Sheer Window Treatments

Heavy, opaque curtains can block the beautiful natural light that Hattiesburg is blessed with. Opting for sheer window treatments provides privacy while still allowing light to permeate your living spaces. Sheer curtains or blinds are perfect for balancing light and privacy, especially in bedrooms or street-facing windows.

Add Glass Doors

Replacing solid doors with glass ones, particularly those leading to outside spaces, can dramatically increase your home's natural light. In Hattiesburg, with our lovely yards and gardens, glass doors like French or sliding doors not only enhance natural light but also connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly.


Transforming your Hattiesburg home into a bright, light-filled sanctuary doesn't have to be challenging. By integrating these tips, from decor changes to architectural alterations, you can revitalize your living spaces. Your home will not only become more visually appealing but you'll also reap the health and wellness benefits of increased natural light. Embrace the sunlit charm of Hattiesburg living, and let the light in.

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